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7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.

7-Zip is a free and open-source file archiver and compression utility. It allows users to compress files and create compressed archives in various formats. 7-Zip supports a wide range of compression algorithms, including its own format called 7z, as well as ZIP, RAR, TAR, and others.7-Zip is free to use, and its source code is available under the GNU LGPL license. It is primarily designed for Windows but also has unofficial versions available for Linux and macOS.

Key features of 7-Zip include:

  1. File Compression and Decompression: 7-Zip can compress files and folders into smaller archives, reducing their size and saving storage space. It supports high compression ratios, making it efficient for reducing file sizes. It can also extract files from compressed archives in various formats.
  2. Multiple Compression Formats: 7-Zip supports multiple compression formats, including its own 7z format, ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, and more. It can create archives in these formats, as well as extract files from archives created with these formats.
  3. Strong Encryption: 7-Zip provides built-in encryption capabilities to protect sensitive files within compressed archives. It uses AES-256 encryption, which is considered strong and secure.
  4. Splitting Archives: 7-Zip allows you to split large archives into smaller parts, making it easier to transfer or store them on multiple media or platforms. This can be useful when dealing with large files or limited storage space.
  5. Integration with File Explorer: 7-Zip integrates with the Windows File Explorer, allowing you to perform common archive operations directly from the context menu. You can compress, extract, and perform other archive-related tasks without opening the 7-Zip application separately.
  6. Command-Line Support: 7-Zip provides a command-line version that allows users to perform compression and extraction operations using command-line parameters. This can be useful for automating tasks or integrating 7-Zip functionality into scripts or batch files.
  7. Multi-language Support: 7-Zip is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to users from different regions and language preferences.
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